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tofu cat litter Tofu cat litter is made of pea fiber and corn starch through compression and high temperature drying. This cat litter is environmentally friendly, even if the cat eats it. Its characteristics are: safety, environmental protection, non-toxic, dust-free pets are not easy to inhale, good in water absorption, easy to coagulate (not disperse), and easy to flush the toilet after cleaning. Consult us
Bentonite cat litter Bentonite cat litter is made of natural bentonite. It agglomerates when gets wet, so that the waste can be wrapped up and shoveled out. Spherical or irregular particles with white or grayish white appearance have strong hygroscopicity, which can quickly absorb the moisture in feces and form a big hard mass. With natural bentonite as raw materials, the feces will return to nature quickly, environmentally friendly and safe. Bentonite cat litter has the ability to isolate urine and attach nitrogen compounds generated by urine degradation, so it has a certain deodorization function. Consult us
  • 膨润土猫砂
Broken tofu cat litter Broken tofu cat litter is an upgraded version of tofu cat litter. After being broken and cut, it is upgraded to broken tofu cat litter, which has faster agglomeration, better water absorption and more convenient toilet flushing. Consult us
  • 破碎豆腐猫砂
Mixed cat litter It's a mixture of tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter in a certain proportion. It has the same effect as cat litter and can be thrown into the toilet without clogging. Economic benefits, Safe, Eco-friendly, and Natural, eat OK, the main ingredient is the bean residue, corn cob, bentonite, etc, (bean residue is 100% food grade raw material). Great clumping effect and good absorption, could absorb cat's urine in few secends , then clumped, easy for cat owners to scoop out and flushed into toilet directly. Good ability to eliminate odor, deodorant and anti-bacterial. Consult us
  • 混合猫砂

ProductintroductionVariety, flavors and colors can be customized, OEM and ODM available

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tofu cat litter

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MOQ Pet Capital of China

Our factory is located in Nanhe District, Xingtai City. Nanhe District is the largest pet product production base in China. Nanhe is known as the "Pet Capital". The processing of animal feed and pet products is a traditional industry in this region.

Production scale

Production scale Production scale

We have a 15000 square manufacturing factory, with the productivity of 600000 tons anuual,


customizable customizable

The flavours and colors can be customized, OEM & ODM are available.

Service concept

Service concept Service concept

We always insist on the principle of "Good faith management, Customer supremacy". We will do our best to meet the needs and satisfaction of customers all over the world.

Intimate service

Intimate service

Follow up orders one by one to ensure that each step can be timely followed up and on time delivery

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Hebei Lepaixing Pet Products Co., Ltd. is a leading company providing high-quality cat litter, located in Handan City, Hebei Province, China. We have a 15,000-square-meter production plant in Nanhe District, Xingtai City, and a professional one. ...【detailed information】

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